Names for the baby alien

Hello Pandas,

We have had so many suggestions for a name for our little baby alien that we could name almost a million little aliens!

Thank you so much for all your contributions. Here is the list of names we have received;
Nuwia, Lwraui, Tranui, Traui, Solah, Nuitraw, Kamapu, Kamaria, Limoe, Kamapan, Doris, Panfualien, Emerald, James, Tiki, Arien, John, Luke, Xeedroid, Cuddles, Kwippiwe Traw Splodge, Greeny Thingy, kamapu, Traver, Nuitraw, Fizz, Greeny, Arris, Bui, Lily, Toddlekama, Hui, Zorg, E.T, napasapa, Mui, Lorrylxx, Dalton, Cocoppana, Lui, Pandalien, cutealien, Toddlepana, Rui, Chloe, Mstical, Kamsama, Green Guy, Stich, Delaney, Samatoddle, Space boy, Vulky, Mystic, Boo-Boo-Too-Doo, baby Pnafu, Pleepe, Ringapinga, Kamtoddle, Max, Aliebaily, Aline Panfu, Leftpana, Cheeky, Pana ram, Cocopan, Misty, kamapu, Grennly, Modernbab, Puakama, Greeneta, Puffle, Kamria, Lola, Sparky, Lottie, Roxy, Spottie.

We will not be taking anymore name suggestions after 12pm GMT today!

On Friday, we will have a game to decide which name we are going to pick.
We hope you understand that if we have too many names, it will be very hard for the little baby to choose one.
Thank you very much for your participation and help.

See you soon!

Your Panfu team.



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24 Responses to “Names for the baby alien”

  1. Tiki Says:

    i want tiki to be the aliens name he’s sooooooo cute!

  2. happy_dino Says:

    Hmm… The baby alien can be Nutrauwi

  3. Cosu Says:

    Wow! So many names!

  4. ricko Says:

    i think ricko is a great name because its like a beaches name,you know like someone who lives near one.I hope you pick Ricko and so does my horse roo. BYE AND HAVE A GREAT DAY!

  5. timothry Says:

    i think the name must be napasapa because the letters are spelling out that name.BYE AND HAVE A GREAT DAY!

  6. PrincessPanda Says:

    It’s name should be NratuiawPanasapaeuwi

  7. Jamie Says:

    Ich finde das Alienbaby sollte den Namen Schleimi bekommen…

  8. Prinzzes_CHocolax Says:

    it`s name could be trichiu because it`s an alien

  9. Anonymous Says:

    it should be called angel because it is one or maybe
    sleepy it sleeps alout or preshious because it is

  10. lucha5 Says:


  11. anucleta Says:


  12. Sofia Says:

    i tink Sleplyw is a good name because is alwais sleeping

  13. Darcy_Flippster Says:

    Name alien is napasapa ;p

  14. leprinchun Says:

    cloks name napasapa help now yes ou yes aliens nui and trawui

  15. leprinchun Says:

    baby aliens

  16. minto13 Says:

    oh so sweet put wers he dad and mom?

  17. sabira Says:

    baby aliens are so cute and i whis the name was napasapa and it did yay

  18. sabira Says:

    i like the name

  19. simmons78 Says:


  20. Princess-Choux Says:

    How come everybody likes the name napasapa, i dont get it?

  21. bubletum Says:


  22. Alprazolam Says:

    Intriguing, how do I make use of this?

  23. rodi Says:

    if the baby alien was gray i think it’s name can be graino or graina

  24. MILEYCYRUS Says:

    if the baby alien i wood name it aliissa kala summer leanna chloe luz jessie peaches if it was i wood name it max brian mike mikey tony mathew and keath