Where is Max???

Hello Pandas!

Have you seen Max lately? He’s disappeared without a trace! Well, some traces he’s actually left: there’re plenty of half-eaten carrots all over his treehouse?!? But he neither answers my messages nor gets back to me. Is he upset because I won against him in Pokopets races? Or is he afraid that he’ll lose our bet and is hiding somewhere :mrgreen:
But no, I can’t believe that Max is such a coward!!! Or is he? Any ideas, Pandas? I’d better go look for him. Let’s hope nothing bad has happened to him!

Keep your Panda-eyes peeled ;)

57 Responses to “Where is Max???”

  1. RoxyMcCartney Says:

    I’d Say He’s Doing Something To Make Sure He Win’s The Race Between You And Him :lol: ! Ella Make Sure You Beat Him Lmao! ;)

    Roxy, x

  2. Nicole Says:

    I think Panfu Max took me out of his friend
    list so no one finds him when he hides cause
    of the race tomorrow he might of took
    everyone off except you Panfu Ella.

  3. CHECHE123 Says:

    creepy but i finished the mysterious quest not long ago and guess who loves carrots carl so look out for clues like things related to igloos red hair and more carrots who knows

  4. lightninglindsley Says:

    If Max hasn’t run away then maybe Krucio pandanapped him!!!!!!!!!

  5. darcy Says:

    i will be looking for him good luck on finding him

  6. jacobjacob3975 Says:

    i think he is feeding his pokopet carrots

  7. pickatchu2 Says:

    emm dunno were he is might have gotten lost in the forest :O

  8. Where is Max??? Says:

    Hey!I got an Idea Why Dont You Go To My Tree House Today then will talk and then we will make a plan to get DOZENS OF DOZENS pandas to go all around panfu and give them adetector costume with a pants(brown),shirts(brown),shoes(brown),a coat(brown),a hat(brown),a map of panfu,we should meet all the pandas in the jungle click on the waterfall there’s were will meet,a magnifing glass(handle brown)that should see thorught everything in panfu,we should talk to profeser bookworm,kamaria,pirate pandabeard,the guy in front of the harbor,other pandas,EVERYONE TILL WE FIND PANFU_MAX!and if we all work together will will find him,if we find max everyone that helped should get a 6 day gold panda packet and 4,0000 panfu coins!(P.S we also will get a brown dectective desk that has clues and all the stuff you need,you will also get 6 things for free in the funiture catalog and 6 free outfits from the clothes catalog,!)(PS AGAIN!!!! you shold make a new dress for the wedding clothges section for the clothes catalog that’s a wedding dress complited with dress(white),veil (white),train (white),high heel shoes(white) it should cost 200 panfu coins!(PS AGAIN FOR THE LAST TIME,i think we should have a church so that pandas can have there wedding there,there should be real babies in panfu when they ask you in the hospital you will get a bar that says :sick – pregnat – or broken thing????,i think there should be a wedding planning store where you buy the kit for 100 panfu coins(abvile to everyone) and the wedding ring that cost 300 panfu coins,i think there should be a monthly gift that’s 2,000 panfu coins,if you choose sick on the bar there will be another bar after that it will say :thowing up – dizzy- or coighing or sneezzing,if you choose pregnat they will tell you the gender then how many baby pandas,then when the pushing is done they will give you the baby or babies,if broken thing there will apper another bar it will say : broken arm – broken leg -or body cast?,i think there should be a jail and a police deparment,the jail will be if robbing,pandanappening,or curseing,for pandanappening it should be 1 minutes( in panfu life!),robbing 1 minute(panfu world!),curseing should be 1 minute(panfu life!),i think there should be a honeymoon hotel,a kinder,middle school,high school,college,and university,and last but not least a pizza parlor were you can thwrow a b-day bash! or eat pizza!

  9. sarah1969 Says:

    mayby hes hiding or wants revege so mayby check the secret jungle at the vocano?

  10. Heartlily Says:

    Maybe krucio turned him to stone in somewhere where u havent looked ella or maybe because he told us that he wouldent acctually be able to do it. That he couldnt do as much as he said. He wasn’t as strong as he said. So maybe he ran away in a cupboard in a friends house or maybehe got lost in the forest trying to find something tasty like some blueberries. MAYBE THE BLUEBERRIES POISEND HIM!!!!

  11. Heartlily Says:

    But Good Luck On Finding Him!

  12. moonfire Says:

    hes not going to do the race thats why he is not comeing

  13. xXxMusic_LoverxXx Says:

    Roxy that laughing face is cool, how do you do it ?

  14. 12345iamalive Says:

    who knows where he could be?:d what if he is dead xD

  15. Craig Says:

    Well when i was looking at some of the actions my panda could do,i noticed i could turn into a rabbit thing…well it looked like a rabbit…maybe he just did that…it would explain the carrots…

  16. Sugarpuff8 Says:

    Thank you CHECHE123 for telling me the awnser to my quest.
    I was stuck on that quest for ages!!!

  17. bubbles32423 Says:

    well max said to keep it secret…..but i could maybe tell you coz you are awesome ella! hes training to beat you in the bet!:D

  18. RoxyMcCartney Says:

    xXxMusic_LoverxXx, this is how you do the laughing face- : lol :

    [without any spaces ;) ]

  19. neosaneo2 Says:


  20. xXxMusic_LoverxXx Says:


    Thanks Roxy! :D x

  21. HotBabex Says:

    I’m Just Going To Try Out Faces Here lol

    :) :D ;) :( :’( 8) O_o :oops: :lol: :mrgreen:

    Haha! x

  22. littlecherrup Says:

    panfu island

    dear ella,
    i realy think it would be great if you got a spy agency on panfu and one of the missions could be to find max!!!
    how about that?

    love from little cherrup.

    p.s if you find it strange about my habit of letter writing its because we just finished it at school

  23. Princes11222 Says:

    I LOVE PANFU BUT IM NEW SO I DONT REALLY NO HOW TO PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. khalifa1999 Says:

    good luck ella i hope you win it for the girls and good luck max for the boys. you both will do very well i now so. gggggggggggggooooooooooooooooooddddddddd llllllllllllllluuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkk.

    FROM KHALIFA1999 :) ;) :? :) ) :/

  25. khalifa1999 Says:

    hiya everybody i hope ella and max do very well !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. williamsj314 Says:

    cool i love it!!!!!!!

  27. williamsj314 Says:

    I hope ella and max are okay!

  28. williamsj314 Says:


  29. williamsj314 Says:


  30. williamsj314 Says:


  31. williamsj314 Says:


  32. Crystal_Mist Says:

    :D ;) :)

  33. Crystal_Mist Says:


  34. Crystal_Mist Says:


  35. Crystal_Mist Says:


  36. panda8811 Says:

    how long was he gone????i hope you find him ellaxxxxxxx

  37. superkool Says:


  38. Coolrockstar Says:

    I don’t know where Max is are you sure hes not in the store have you checked right round the whole world of Panfu?

  39. 0onatasha0o Says:

    i bet he is trying to make is animal faster then yours well thats what he thinks how long has he gone hopefully we can find him befor the big race

  40. jacinta29 Says:

    i think he thinks he will lose so he ran away in a cobed! ;) xoxoxooxoooxoxoxooxoxoxooxxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxooxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxooooxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxxooooooooooooooooooooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooooooooooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxooooooxoxoxoxoxxxxxxxxxxoooooooxxxoxxxxxxoooooxxxxoooxxoXOXOXXOOXOXOXO

  41. alex4877 Says:

    how do u do smileys♥

  42. alex4877 Says:


  43. alex4877 Says:

    :o pps:

  44. jas29845325gghdhw Says:

    he probly out at the dance place in the castle duh!!!!

  45. blackberrie-luv Says:

    I will

  46. Pandypanda12346 Says:

    ;-) :-~ :-) :-( :-D

  47. Pandypanda12346 Says:


  48. Pandypanda12346 Says:

    :-P :-I ;-P :-( :-) :-o

  49. Pandypanda12346 Says:

    :-O Move

  50. Pandypanda12346 Says:

    :-o MOVE!

    Oh.. Max and ella, I think i saw a shadow of him in the Erie woods and it looked like there was an eviel monster!
    I think Krucio may of turned into Paul and still is Krucio! We need to find out who this ‘monster’ is! It may be Bonez? ANYONE! :-o :-P

  51. Pandypanda12346 Says:

    Max could be in great danger! :-o

  52. SweetCandy Says:

    Max could be in grave danger by the gigantic octopus or got kidnapped bye a very nasty burglar I hope that someone will find him soon!!!!!!!!!! MAX I KNOW YUR STILL OUT THERE!!!! don’t worry Ella, i’m on the case.Carrots,huh.Very weird in his treehouse?tell me if you have any other evidence. i might just know what happened and who the suspect is….. call me agent Sweetz i’ll be bustling around panfu and keeping an eagle’s eye out for him. I know what it’s like losing someone. And remeber i’ll be bustling around pandas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and burglar, if you are readingthis i will hunt you down with my panda patrol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have billions of helpers to find you too! so don’t think you can just run away with MAX!!!!!!!! still, Max i’m on the case!!!!!


  53. labiba Says:

    i saw this huge crab in the eerie forest and mabye max went there and mabye the crab ate him. if it didint mabye he flew of to another universe just joking lol. mabye he ran off cause he was afraid he would loose the bet and can somebody tell me how to use smiley faces.

  54. labiba Says:

    you know evron right mabye evron pandanapped him or max is hiding from you cause of the bet.Max is such a cowered and if he is reading this no efence Max.

  55. pokchi Says:

    Ella i think hes eating carots be cahse hes on a dieit :D :D :D and hes going to the gym to get that wait off :D

  56. Sarah051623 Says:


  57. Ruhani Says:

    Where is max I saw him when I did spies in bitterland