Finnish design for Baby Pandas

Awww, look how cute these babies are… ♥♥♥

These are the Finnish designer-Panda Hassuliini’s clothes that appeared today in the Panfu catalogue!

It’s nice to have more baby clothes in Panfu, because I know many Pandas like to play house. I also went to buy these already, and made Max get the soother too. :D Now all we need to do is go to the shrinking machine in the jungle lab, and POW! We’ll be cute babies instantly!

Hmm, didn’t you once say you had like 10 Pandakids? What’s going to happen now if you become a kid yourself??? :shock:

Hihihi, yes! I hope my little darlings won’t mind that their mommy is forever young! :D I’ve decided to stay childlike forever. Adult life seems boring to me. :roll:

So you’re going to stay a kid  forever like Peter Pan? :D Okay, let’s play baby then. :evil: Waaahh! Mommyyyy! I want chocolate milk!!!

Max, put the soother in your mouth right now!!! :roll: I think Baby-Max needs a mom and dad… Who’s up for it? :lol:

Be good,
Ella and Max

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27 Responses to “Finnish design for Baby Pandas”

  1. girish Says:

    well im a boy so i can be his daddy i don’t mind like kids :)

  2. girish Says:

    Can i be the daddy i love kids

  3. stylekitten Says:

    ILL DO IT!!!!!!!!

    hahahahahaha LOL!

  4. sophie11688 Says:

    I want to be the mummy because i make the best
    chocolate milk in the world and i would love to
    have 10 kids seriously because i can dress up
    and be whatever i want any time i can drop
    them of school talk them for chocolate milk
    and ice cream buy them whatever they want
    by earning loads of money

  5. Appaloosa84 Says:

    I could by the mom because I’m a girl. :)

  6. naomi Says:

    that baby is so cute what is its name.

  7. chrisabn Says:

    yay! lol DO IT

  8. emmipanda Says:

    ME ME ME I LOVE KIDS ME ME ME!! PLZPLZPRITTYPLZ WTH A CHERRY ON TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. cutie6850 Says:

    i will be max’s mum it would be lovely too

  10. partaii Says:

    ill be the mommy :D

  11. Wearecursed Says:

    Max ill be ur mum i luv kids and u will be awsome plz max

  12. gogirlbecky Says:

    I would LOVE to be baby max’s mummy

  13. emma Says:

    i a girl i will be his mummy

  14. Preshece12 Says:

    I’ll be the mummy i just love kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. cherryamy Says:

    I can be his mommy, because i can make the best ever chocolate milk(it`s the secret recipe of my granny) and i like kisz soooo much. I have two brothers and take great care of them(because i love them soooo much!!);so i have experience in taking care of babys :D !!!
    Love you, cherryamy

  16. pandaee Says:

    Id love to be maxs mum!! hope i can.

  17. iceprincess24 Says:

    OMG!! I ASKED TO BE ELLAS FRIEND AND SHE NEVER REQUEST, I REQUESTED SEVERAL TIMES!!! >_<, but i hav a question, wat is gold panda day? is that where even nonmembers can be stylish and dress all as a member? if that is yes then, WHIPPE!!! AWESOME!! im a big fan ella, id luv to b ur friend, dont worrie, i wont get on ur nerves!! :] Thxs!! :D ~Iceprincess24

  18. darcy Says:

    meeeeeee plz meeeeeeeeeee
    ilove kid s

  19. scriff Says:

    i luv max n ella

  20. rose5690 Says:


    :lol: thats funny max

  21. pandapop7 Says:

    max and ella i would love too i’ve got 5 beds for babys two adult beds and the sofa (blue) is on the wall and it’s safe
    and the green is on the floor im saving money to get an upgade!!!
    kids are my no.1 fan :) i lovem so much i love picing babys up when they hug back awww please pic me im kind at school helpful and a lovley mum. xx :) O:)

  22. gerkyperky Says:

    i hav just turned member and brought one they r so cute

  23. peaches82704 Says:

    cute?! or what.

  24. peaches82704 Says:

    krucio is Evil once in San Fran Panfu he turned the water fountin in to stone!

  25. mollyme123 Says:

    I mightent have the greatest house but i’d ♥ a little child. but wat i really want is twins xxx

  26. moltack Says:

    Oh and Panfu start making that be smarter game make sence.

  27. m237 Says:

    lol, max! and why did i go back this far?