A Baby Earthquake?

A great Friday morning to you Pandas,

Did you feel the earthquake yesterday? The ground under the pancake stand shook and wobbled. Woah! It felt like we were about to be swallowed up by the earth. :shock:

It was really weird. Max and I just came out of the pet shop and suddenly we felt a slight tingle under our feet. We looked at each other and then at the pancake shop. You won’t believe it but the stand shook like a tent in the wind!  :???:

…not just in the wind but in a hurricane! All the pancakes fell to the ground and took the delicious chocolate sauce with them!

Troy was holding on to the pole of the stand. Nothing happened to the kiosk but Troy’s pan fell off his head onto his foot! Now the poor guy has a huge bump again. :( Troy was in shock and stood behind his shop just with his eyes wide open mumbling the word “Ba-ba-baby!”

I bet it means it was a baby earthquake! :D I’m sure that’s what he was trying to say.

Well, that’s your theory. I think it must’ve been the baby giant Gulliver that was walking around and made the ground wobble.

Njeh… I think we would’ve seen him then. I mean a big geezer like him can hardly hide. ;) Do you Pandas have theories of your own what it was that shook the pancake stand? And what did Troy mean by “baby”? I suppose we have to ask him tomorrow when he’s calmed down a bit. But your ideas and thoughts would be very useful until then!

Be good Pandas,
& Ella

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78 Responses to “A Baby Earthquake?”

  1. 1pet1 Says:

    maybe it ment that he was remembering when he was a baby maybe there was an earthquake like that and pancakes fell on the floor

  2. emotions Says:

    hi max hi ella! I think when troy sed ba…ba….baby i think it meant:
    A. Troy meant he was a baby!
    B. An invasion of babies were coming!!!
    C. His wife was having a baby
    D. Gulliver was kidnapping babies!
    Thats what i think tho…….
    X emotions X

  3. Jenn1fer Says:

    That potion, or spell or what ever that Gulliver’s making..there’s something not quite right with Gulliver and that potion..Keep your eyes peeled pandas.

  4. no1superstar Says:

    i think this might mean a new quest is on the way plzzz i hope soo, or i bet troy is a baddy

  5. loverboythe1st Says:

    I think when the pan hit his foot he got a sicknes and tund into a baby

  6. 1pet1 Says:

    cool i got 1st comment + i dont think he has a wife and where would aliens or monsters come from and gulliver kidnapping babies you can only be a baby from the time machine and you have to be member to do that and troys a grown man+i got other ideas

    B.his pancake got small and turned into baby pancakes
    C.he was having trouble in the time machine to be a baby to get a smaller eye of view
    D.his favourite tv show is about a baby
    E.he had a vision about thousands of members looking for a member baby
    F.maybe he ment if this is a grown earthquake then whens its baby coming through
    last thought of this comment
    G.are babys going to get afected by this earth quake
    bye i hope i guessed it

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Oh my goodness th th thats so skereye Im going to talk to troy rite naw I wot to talk to him becos I wot to see what happind

  8. panpanpink Says:

    Ba..Ba..Baby? wait you said gulliver was a baby he sounds like a grown up panda and maybe because Troy says that when he gets hurt.

  9. ogpig Says:

    Maybe gulliver earthquake

  10. CherLloyd Says:

    i think as soon as you said to the pandas “whats your theory?” i think that maybe you, ella and max are right or loads of babys where in sanfran panfu or somewhere in troys sight because if you, ella and max were outside the petshop then i suppose her could see something in his sight and not in yours. i know its confusing but think about it.

  11. CherLloyd Says:

    i thinks the blog is right :) :

  12. AndrewJr-boy Says:

    :shock: :eek:

  13. will Says:

    i think he tried to say oh baby… but in earthqake he couldnt say that

  14. mia151 Says:

    mayb it what he said when

  15. edwardted Says:

    Dear Max or Ella I have been whaiting 3 years to see you. :( so can you please give me the dates even if it will be in 2012

    thank you Edwardted

    Hey Pandas,
    It’s so nice you’d like to meet us. We’ll hopefully run into each other one day in Panfu if you play actively. :) We come there a few times a week, but unfortunately we can’t let you know in advance when. It gets very crowded then, and when there are too many Pandas around, we don’t have time to answer all your questions. Usually someone ends up getting disappointed. That’s why it’s nicer that we come as a surprise. See you soon I hope! ;)
    Paws in the air,

  16. genaveeve Says:

    heyy i had to com off yesturday the pancakesare really sweet and nice thx ella and max xx

  17. rosebud333 Says:

    i think troy has something on do with the potion Gulivers working on he seems king of suspisus

  18. mollyjane Says:

    i think that troy think of somthing why he was a baby or that hes wife was having a baby

  19. rose5690 Says:

    I think he was saying that because an invasion of babies was coming from Gulliver!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!

  20. Marinatoll Says:

    -I think that it cant be a coincidence that Gulliver wouldnt tell us what that posion was for. We are going to have to sort these things out and try to find out exactly what those fruits were and what they do………..Detective Marinatoll is on the case!!!!

  21. chomp3 Says:

    hey max and ella
    maybe he means thats a baby earthquake and theres a big on coming panfus way

    from chomp3
    ps.i dont like really like the new panfu look

  22. showy Says:

    Hi i am really stuck on when is it Kamaria’s wedding?What time is it at?Love showyX

  23. Bamboo825 Says:

    how to get to the comfirmation form?

  24. elice Says:

    well you know you said you could see babys trough your telscope weel i think the babies are going to come and turn some into babies some not and we alll become gold pandas and we only have one mum who looks after us all
    Have fun pandas
    Love ya max and ella

  25. Sobiya1 Says:

    Why cant i go into Pauls room on the terrace in the castle? [:(]

  26. 11splashiscute11 Says:

    I think he said ba-ba-baby cause he saw LOTS of babys falling out of the sky or he got hit on the head with a baby

  27. MrMichealJacksonII Says:

    It Might Be Paul The Kid Getting His Power’s Back

  28. a8581 Says:

    :-) :-D :-/ :-?

  29. a8581 Says:


  30. hanah-cute Says:

    maybe it was guliver jumping on a skiping rope or playing hopscothch

  31. Chugoku Says:

    i think a random earthquake happened or troy thinks baby’s from another planet were coming. :!:

  32. jarn98 Says:

    i think that its c or d emotions

  33. rosaletta Says:

    I personaly think that he had went to proffesor bookworm the night before and to took a potion without reading the label!!
    now this potion was to turn him into a BABY!!!!
    so he was remembering what he had done the night before when he muttered those words.
    thats just what i think.

  34. PrincessMia02 Says:

    i will be openineng a new website for free no such thing as membership

  35. kayla175 Says:

    i guss troy must be a real scardy cat OMG THIS MORNING WE WERE OUT OF PANCAKES AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. kayla175 Says:


  37. kayla175 Says:

    guss what i downloaded a panfu background it looks soo good thanks alot love and peace

  38. missmarza Says:

    I think he was saying baby because paul is a baby panda and paul caused the earthqwake

  39. indy Says:

    i going tho test the smileys

    :) :D

  40. elle246 Says:

    i only have three words to say . PAUL THE KID(also known as baby krucio

  41. Molly312 Says:

    LOL! I have no idea what ba-ba-baby is!

  42. edwardted Says:

    Hi max and Ella when will you next be on panfu becase i have been whaiting 3 years:( so can i please know when you will be next on panfu even if it is next year and today it is my Birthday

    thank you Edwardted

  43. Icelolly52 Says:

    maybe he remembered something from when he was a child or something that happened to another person when they were a child

  44. peacepanda111 Says:

    IT WAS PAUL (aka baby-krucio lolz)

    bye, peace

  45. sarah78945 Says:

    :shock: :shock:

  46. sarah78945 Says:

    :shock: :shock: :shock:

  47. sarah78945 Says:

    :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: Sorry that is just weird

  48. sarah78945 Says:


  49. sarah78945 Says:

    :lol: sorry

  50. rosaletta Says:

    please help max and ella,
    the game in sanfranpanfu,its out of order that was my favourite game PLEASE fix it.
    Ive also heard other pandas saying they agree.
    thank you so much for listening

  51. sarah78945 Says:

    Hmmmm :idea: i know i think Troy meant Gulliver was coming

  52. emmipanda Says:

    haha lolz ” abbbbb

  53. lanaya Says:

    hi everyone you know guliver he is massive . i have not had a bf yet

  54. Molly312 Says:

    Max and Ella,
    I am tired of the ads popping up during my game. Why don’t the Gold Pandas this in their game? I mean it’s unfair!
    Plus when I click in the center, it turns out I’ve fallen into a new advert window. I want this to stop and some other non-members might have the same feeling.

  55. rose5690 Says:

    I think Baby Krucio got his powers B… WAIT!!! DID I JUST SAY IT? …anyway I think he got his powers back!

    Not mentioning *whispering Krucio*

    P.S :lol:

  56. danielle Says:

    mabyhe was 10 then tund 6 and said ba ba baby:
    a earth quake

    b gulliver

    c pull hiding

  57. xXxXminnieXxXx Says:

    I think it was a baby earthqake what eles coqld of made the grond shake :)

  58. Zsanna Says:

    I think gulliver was walking around and made the ground shake

  59. mandy1972 Says:

    i think he meant somthing about baby krucio.

  60. Anonymous Says:

    maybe he saw a big gaint baby panda heading towards panfu and was shoked sooo badly he was stammering ba ba baby

  61. gemmmaismyrealnam Says:

    well maybe he was shocked coz he saw a gaint baby panda heading to panfu and was shoked tht he was stammering the word ba ba baby its simple :)

  62. Panfuforever46 Says:

    Yeah :O

  63. Panfuforever46 Says:


  64. Panfuforever46 Says:

    :O :x :d :^

  65. a8581 Says:

    :-) :-! :-! Wered! :-?

  66. a8581 Says:

    ;-) :-( :-p ;-D

  67. blackberrie-luv Says:

    I think he meant baby earth quack i bet it shook other place exept panfu it will be asome if it happend again id like seeing people shreak at it. Blackberrie-luv xxx

  68. blackberrie-luv Says:

    earth quacks the only reason gulliver is in the jungle all the time and asking everyone for rotten fruits maybe it could of been him but he could have wanted to borrow his pan to use them to make a massive pancake made of rotten fruit.

  69. Panfu_Missy Says:

    Here are some ways Ba-Ba-Baby meant:

    A. Troy was Singing
    B. Afraid if Gulliver take all the pancake without paying
    C. The world was about to end
    D He was about to die

  70. conkers24 Says:

    I think he is up to something!

  71. cupcakelover53 Says:

    jenifer i think the same way panfu lovers really keep your eyes peeled and what would he use it for ?

    xxxxxxxx peeps. Love cupcakelover53

  72. Lilly-princess1 Says:

    Hi panda’s i totally love pancakes so was i exited when Troy came. My fave sause on pancakes is chocolate. Ok ok enough with that pancake talk. i think it was Gulliver walkin in th jungle cause th jungle and city r next to each other and u can also find Gulliver in th jungle right? and wen Troy sed Ba…Ba… Baby it probaly ment Gulliver cause he’s a giant baby panda and he probly made th baby earthquake wen he walks? i hope im right. anyway good day to those panda’s out there and remember im a helper panda so ask me for help any time.

    love Lilly-princess1

  73. cherrycoolove Says:

    troy is funny isnt he

  74. danielle Says:


  75. westraygirl8 Says:

    when are you going to send me emails again.please make it soon

  76. anna115 Says:

    What did ba…ba….baby Mean?:
    A. He saw a baby sheep
    B. He was scared because his pancakes fell on the floor, so he called for his baby son, Anthony
    C. I don’t have anything else!

  77. shelby15 Says:

    i reputed a panda becase he said beep beep beep swerring word but it said this opanda did not do enythin

  78. labiba Says:

    ummm well you all know that boys call their girlfriends and all baby or cupcake mabye he liked some girl panda and he was gonna talk to her and say baby but with the erthquake he couldn’t say it properley so insted he said ba-ba-baby or mabye their was a baby sheep bacause he said ba-ba-baby and sheep make the ba-ba sound so mabye a baby sheep was born.