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Winners of the New Years Quiz

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

Dear fluffy Pandas,

Today is the day: I’m announcing the three lucky winners of the New Years Quiz!

I hope you were able to find the correct solution? It was “Bolly:-)

This morning, right after I got up, I let my Crystal Ball mix all the correct entries.

These 3 Panda names were the ones I saw in my Crystal Ball in the end:




Congratulations :-) Each of you has won a one-month Gold Membership – except Hugo567. As he already is a Gold Member, he will get a gift of Panda Coins instead!

The Gold Memberships will be activated to your Pandas today, January 10. As soon as your Gold Membership is activated, you can spend your Panda coins on clothes, furniture, Pokopets and other lovely things. Test all levels and solve tricky learning games in the Underwater School ;-) Enjoy!

Love & Peace

Christmas Special Offer: 50% Discount on a Gold Membership

Friday, December 21st, 2012

Hello Pandas,

The Panfu Team has a very special Christmas offer for you: From today until Sunday, you can get a 50% discount on a 12-month Gold Membership! That means you can save half the usual price :D

1  year – that’s 8760 hours! That’s a long time for you to play and chat on Panfu :-)

Hard to believe that the year 2012 will be over soon…but luckily, Santa Claus will be visiting us before then :lol: Tell us, how do you celebrate Christmas? Will you go on holiday or will you stay home? Max and I will go and see our families on Sunday and we’re looking forward to a few days off ;-)

But because we love writing the blog sooo much, we’ll be back towards the end of the year. Until then, Kamaria will take over. I am sooo looking forward to the yummy roast goose that my granny always makes. And her baked apples :-)

Hehe, Max will be as round as a Christmas bauble after Christmas :mrgreen:

Ah, no. I’ll do a few push ups and I’ll be in top form again :-)

If you say so ;-) Here are the 3 winners of the Expert Question of the Week! It was a bit of a tricky one this time around. Here’s the answer and the winners:
You get the Silver Badge after you have answered 25 of Oscar the Dolphin’s questions.




Congratulations! Enjoy your prizes :-)

Ella and Max

Happy Birthday Panfu!

Friday, November 30th, 2012


Congratulations, Panfu is now 5 years old :-) :-) :-)

Have any of you been on Panfu that long? We have been reporting about the news on Panfu for almost that long ;-) A lot has happened over the course of the last 5 years! Tell us, what is your best Panfu memory? I have so many of them…the opening of the Underwater school, saving the Pokopets, the visit of Nui, Trawui and Napasapa, the world tour Max and I went on…

Oh yeah, that trip was awesome! We’ll have to go to some sort of far away place again next year. How about Hawaii or California :lol:

Well, if you want to, I’m sure we can arrange something ;-) But let’s get to the presents now – presents for you, our dear Pandas!

Until Sunday, you’ll get a 50 % discount on all Gold Memberships!
That means you can save half of the usual price :-)

We’ll celebrate a little at the Ice Cream Parlour today and will go right after breakfast tomorrow to get the first present from the gingerbread man at the Jungle :-) Don’t miss out! Just as it is in a real calendar, the gifts change from day to day.

Paws up for Panfu,

Ella and Max

PS: bubblez is the Expert of the Week. The answer to the question “Where on Panfu can you play 4 Boom?” is: in the Game Cave, City and the Castle Terrace ;-)

Tomorrow is Gold Panda Day!

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

Hi Pandas,

The day you’ve all been waiting for is around the corner: GOLD PANDA DAY!! :)

Tomorrow, you can all go crazy on Panfu again. All Pandas can use all functions of a Gold Membership and all level functions:

  • Buy clothes and furniture
  • Ride horses and unicorns
  • Drive cars
  • Use all actions and smileys
  • Feed your Woobies, Bollies and Pokopets

Have fun tomorrow and Paws up for Panfu :)

and Max

Night of the Living Pancake Shop?

Friday, January 28th, 2011

An excellent Gold Panda Day to you all!

Something’s cooking in Panfu… and it’s not pancakes! It seems that Troy’s pancake shop has a life of its own. It moves to a new place every night! :shock:

You make it sound like it’s a person. :lol: Where is it right now, by the way? I should probably go check up on it. To make sure it hasn’t wandered off again. Hehe, I sound like I’m its babysitter! :D

Why don’t you change its diapers while you’re at it! ;) Actually we’re lucky that the baby… I mean, shop, leaves tracks behind. It’s much easier to follow it to see where it’s gone with the tracks that are left behind.

What on earth can be causing this weird thing? Let’s hear your theories Pandas! I think that it’s the giant – Gulliver – who’s moving us smaller ones around as if he was playing chess! :shock:

Gulliver’s not THAT much bigger than us, Max! :lol: And that wouldn’t explain that the pancakes go missing. I believe this has to be the work of aliens!!! :!:

Well let’s grab the telescope and have a look at who’s moving us around! :mad:

Tell us what you think!

Keep your eyes open Pandas,
& Ella

P.S. Have a great Goldie Day! :)

Gold Panda Day!!!

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Hi Pandas!

Why don’t you browse through the catalogues, brush your ponies, oil up your cars, and gather a few extra coins, because Friday is the day we’ve all been waiting for: GOLD PANDA DAY!!!

Even if it’s been a whiiiiile since the last one, you do still remember what it’s all about, right?

All Pandas can use ALL the levels and premium functions all day Friday! That means you can ride horses, drive cars, use special smilies, shrink yourselves, buy pets, clothes and furniture, dance as Michael Jackson, dress up, and decorate as much as you’d like!

Isn’t that just absolutely loveable?

I know I’ll shrink myself into a tiny Panda again, like Paul the kid. That way it won’t look so bad that I’m playing with his train tracks. :) TOOT TOOT!

What’s your plan for Gold Panda Day, Pandas? A big party maybe? Enjoy!

Pandas be good,
Ella &

Your questions answered!

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

***About Ella/Max/Kamaria***

Can you/Kamaria come to Panfu now?
Just like you, we go to school and have homework to do, so we’re not always free to come to Panfu. It wouldn’t be fair to all Pandas if we made dates with some of you. We come over as a surprise so everybody has the same chance to meet us. :) We look forward to meeting you!

Sometimes you can see in Twitter when we’re online, so it’s good to get an account there, or if you’re under 13 ask you parent/big sibling to become our friend there. Then you can sometimes see when we appear online.

When will you or Kamaria come to Panfu?
Unfortunately we can’t say very much in advance when we’re online, because so many Pandas start asking questions we can’t possibly help everyone at once,  and someone gets dissapointed or sad. One of us comes over almost every other day, so if you log in often you’re bound to meet us some day. :)

Why do you have red writing in the speech bubbles? Why are you on level 99?
Me, Max and Kamaria are the official Panfu reporters, so we have a few extra qualities. ;) It’s easier for you to see our answers, when the writing is red, so the Panfu team decided to make it automatically so. Also we’re testing some new level features sometimes, so we’ve been set to level 99 already.

Unfortunately others can’t get red writing or levels higher than 50 at this moment. There are some Pandas with similar names as us. When you meet us in Panfu you can check if we have level 99, and the red writing, and you can be sure, that it’s the real Ella/Max/Kamaria. ;)

***About Gold Memberships and requests for free stuff***

Can I be a Gold Panda? Why can’t I be a Gold Panda for free?
Ella and I can’t give out Gold Memberships or other gifts for free unless you win one of our competitions where that is the prize. Remember to read the blog every day so you don’t miss the latest competitions and our news on Gold Panda Days! :)

You can read why the Gold Membership has to cost a little bit in this link. Please don’t ask for freebies in the comments, because they won’t be published.

***Technical issues***

Max and I can’t answer issues with your accountsnewsletters, e-mails, passwords, usernames being locked, payment, or technical problems in the game or quests. Please e-mail the Panfu team, and explain your problem clearly under this link.

***Right now in Panfu***

When will it snow?
We haven’t been able to forecast the weather, but it does seem to be close. I’m sure by Christmas we’ll have a white ground! :D

When will there be more quests?
We’ve told the Panfu team you’ve suggested to make more quests, and we’re hoping soon we’ll get something new. But if you get bored, remember every week something new happens! Right now we have the amazing advent calendar that gives you surprises every day, there are fun stories and activities in the blog, and you can write your own blog, make videos and other fun stuff with our tips in the side bar (under How to). So enjoy!

Can I get past days Christmas calendar presents today?
Unfortunately you can only get them on that same day. The presents change, so try to come around every day! ;)

How can I get the special skis?
If you open the calendar on at least 20 days (click on the stockings and receive your presents), you will get special skis!

The calendar told me I alredy got my presents but I can’t find them. What to do?
* If both items were for your tree house, check in your inventory in your tree house.
* If there was an outfit or a background, look in you player card’s inventory.
* If one of the items was a downloadable colouring picture, it opens up automatically in a new window or tab.
* If you still can’t find it, send an email to the Panfu team, and tell them which day’s present you didn’t get. They will check where it is.